Palazzo Venart Hotel

  • Location
    Venice, Italy
  • Period
    January 2014 - December 2016
  • Client
    LDC Hotels & Resorts
  • Architect
    RIMOND Design Team
  • Status


The stunning five-star Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel opened its doors to the public in August 2016 and features 18 prestigious and painstakingly decorated rooms and suites, each based on a unique aspect of Venetian history and culture.

The entire 16th century Palazzo and grounds, which are fronted by a serene garden that opens directly into the Grand Canal, have been meticulously restored to their former glory. Original features such as Renaissance frescoes and marble fireplaces have been expertly restored by Venetian specialists and complimented with antiques and custom furnishings to showcase the Palazzo’s regal heritage.

According to regulations, the indicated building and green space were both biologically constrained. The main body of the building had three cells facing the Grand Canal, which was where most of the people lived, and a “L”-shaped body adjoined to it had a more intimate and reserved courtyard that connected the complex to Calle Tron – where the main entrance to the structure is located – which closed off the second internal courtyard.

From a structural, thermal, plant engineering, image, and comfort standpoint, the intervention ensured that the entire technological component of the building was completely efficient while fully preserving the significant historical character that was previously there. 

Thanks to functional reuse, there was a reasonable balance between project requirements and respect for the context’s architectural elements.

Each setting featured a diverse range of furnishings and finishes that were all smoothly integrated into the new distribution spaces, which functioned as hallways, common areas, service rooms, and sleeping quarters.



Despite the relatively small dimension of the hotel, with only 18 suites, one event room, a restaurant and a 700 sqm garden, the project presented its fair amount of challenges. This complexity was due to the difficult logistics inside historical Venice and to the numerous restrictions and regulations imposed by the Fine Arts authorities, with whom we’ve been maintaining a continuous dialogue throughout the architectural project and the delicate restoration of the historical structure and decorations.


RIMONDs leading expertise has been fundamental, embracing design, construction management and local authority liaison for timely completion of the hotel. Navigating Venice’s tight logistic and heritage restrictions, the five-star hotel overlooking the Grand Canal has been completed on time and to upmost standards.

In order to guarantee that the execution on site was as efficient and cost-effective as possible, a number of practical and integrated design solutions were devised. The luxurious Venice hotel was designed with a comprehensive approach to assure the greatest quality and finish.