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Gabriele Roselli

Head of Innovation & Sustainable Design
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Seamless real estate solutions delivered by entrepreneurial property sector experts who offer the highest standards of client care.

A real estate transaction is a large investment, so making an informed decision at the outset is crucial in a dynamic market which is continuously changing . Our real estate consultancy covers the full spectrum of services, from providing strategic investment advice, transacting deals, valuing built assets, undertaking heritage assessments, and end-to-end development. We combine design, management, and construction expertise with property knowledge for sustainable and innovative solutions based on data-driven decisions. 

Throughout the real estate lifecycle, our knowledgeable advisors are there to support and advise clients by drawing on their understanding of specialist property sectors and technical know-how. Through comprehensive surveys, assessments, and research, we ensure that our clients have the information they need to make an informed decision prior to purchasing any built assets – minimizing the risk of any unforeseen costs. 

We also advise on development options for a wide range of projects, using our in-depth knowledge and property experience to create a strategic plan that achieves the client’s aims. Irrespective of the type of project, our experts are available to guide clients through the planning stage, identifying potential obstacles and solutions. This includes advice on heritage and archaeological matters, where specialist insight can keep projects on track.  

Technical Due Diligence

Clear and objective advice provided by industry experts for sound investment decisions.

Before deciding on a property transaction, every client needs the assurance that the asset is fit for purpose. The specialists within our technical due diligence team provide the insights needed to address technical and construction issues prior to a purchase. This offers clarity for private investors, developers, corporate organizations, landlords, occupiers, and public bodies alike and supports informed decision-making. 

Our expertise reveals the true nature of a property and its assets, starting with a building survey. We assess specifications and drawings, benchmark buildings against industry standards, assess repair obligations for leases, review legal contracts, prepare budget schedules and reports, and enter into negotiations to protect our clients’ position. Our experienced team covers Italy, offering the assurance of a solid track record of achievement combined with reliable and concise commercial advice. Our knowledge of urban planning regulations ensures we provide strategic advice on different legal routes when considering building use amendments. 


Development Strategic Advisory

Reliable and informed development advice using a digital, data-driven approach from inception to completion.

When assessing the development options for a site, a trusted advisor who understands planning rules and the construction process can add significant value. Our advisory service covers all property sectors, with specialists in residential, commercial, mixed-use, and strategic land projects serving the interests of landowners, property companies, registered providers, house builders, sovereign wealth funds, REITs and other funds.

We help by identifying a site’s unique selling features and value, reviewing development options to maximize marketability, and strategic planning and product optimization, then guide clients through their options on issues such as design, pricing, marketing, and exit strategies. We support sustainable growth and urban planning with environmental impact assessments (EIAs), and can provide advice regarding compliance with community infrastructure levy (CIL) requirements. We have a dedicated team across our offices in Italy, who ensure clients receive best-in-class guidance through innovative solutions, tailored to their specific needs.

Heritage Appraisals and Strategy

Specialist planning guidance to help navigate heritage-related matters and preserve culture while supporting new development.

When dealing with heritage or archaeological issues, specialist planning guidance can spell the difference between a successful implementation or a stressful one. Our multi-disciplinary team comprises heritage and townscape planning experts who provide reliable and commercially aware advice to help clients avoid potential issues while delivering their aspirations for the development.

We work with clients in both the public and private sector, advising on the full range of planning processes across built heritage, townscape, and archaeology. We help with identifying built heritage issues, undertaking assessments (including heritage, townscape and visual impact assessments (HTVIAs) and statements of significance,) acting as an expert witness, analyzing the effects of new development on heritage and archaeological assets, and engaging with planning authorities and other statutory bodies. Our Milan-based team covers heritage and townscape planning matters across Italy.

End-to-End Development

A turnkey service for a wide variety of developments, ensuring stress-free delivery.

Putting a large investment such as a development into the hands of another to deliver requires a great deal of trust. We recognize this, so we work closely with our clients every step of the way to ensure that their requirements are fully understood and fulfilled. From the initial valuation, land sales, and acquisitions through to funding, portfolio advisory, and transactional support, our end-to-end development service can be applied across residential, commercial, rural, and mixed-use projects throughout Europe.

We tailor our services to each and every client, whether they are a landowner, developer, occupier, or investor. All of our advice is back by market-leading research, enabling us to advise clients on the current trends and challenges across different markets. We take the stress out of delivery and provide a transparent, collaborative service that brings our client’s plans to life. 

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Gabriele Roselli

Head of Innovation & Sustainable Design
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