Auxologico Diagnostic Center

  • Location
    Meda, Italy
  • Period
    August 2018 - September 2020
  • Client
    Istituto Auxologico Italiano
  • Architect
    Rimond Design Team
  • Status


Auxologico is a Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care (IRCCS) operating in Lombardy and Piedmont through 13 hospital, diagnostic and multi-specialty clinic facilities that work in synergy and close connection.

The Italian Auxological Institute intended to build a new health center located in a formerly disused industrial area, once a site of commercial and production activity in the wood sector. The main objective of the project was therefore to revive this area by introducing not only a new hospital, but a new attraction spot for the neighborhood.

The building acted as a health center and was intended to provide top-class diagnostic and treatment services. The comfortable space designed with high attention to details was meant to serve as an example of integration between health centers and green spaces. A significant attention was given to sustainability, patient comfort, and the choice of quality materials used, such as stoneware, which gives the building a sense of hospitality. The result is a perfect balance between aesthetics and high-performance, and the use of stoneware guarantees hygiene and durability, which is crucial for this type of space.



Because the project was a health center, it was critical to coordinate with scientific and sanitary stakeholders. The architectural and MEP design had to account health criteria and specific needs linked to medical equipment. However, the technical demands did not affect the high-level standard of design, giving the patients and the medical staff a comfortable and pleasant place to work and stay.

The effective coordination between RIMOND and the technical department of the Istituto Auxologico Italiano was key in delivering the center that met their expectations. It was achieved by collaborative work, information sharing, strategy, and processes.

The structure was intended to serve as both a medical treatment and analysis center as well as a neighborhood landmark. The nearby park and children’s play area made this project a gathering place for the entire town.

Furthermore, a key construction challenge was the choice of the precast panel façade system, which was manufactured in China using a unique approach not usually seen in Italian construction. The GRC (glass reinforced concrete) panels enabled for a quick and simple construction phase.


Through a responsible and expert use of the BIM method, RIMOND was able to foresee problems on site minimizing potential confrontations across disciplines and responding quickly to emerging challenges.

Furthermore, the supply and installation phase of the façade required a well-planned strategy and logistics.
This project was made possible by excellent collaboration among all parties involved, including the municipality, health agencies, and the client.

Finally, RIMOND developed an integrated design in which all designers (MEP and civil) were involved from the beginning, resulting in a team that approached all difficulties with the same vision and strategy.

Photo credits: Andrea Ceriani