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Lorenzo Pirone

Computational Designer
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A talented team of professionals with a passion for problem-solving, dedicated to creating a better built environment using digital technologies.

The traditional, linear approach to construction places technological limitations on real-world projects. Our experts specialize in overcoming these limitations, using their passion for change to tackle the biggest problems in the industry wherever building and technology intersect. We are constantly striving to find innovative solutions and ways to streamline the construction process.

Our well-rounded team is made up of talented designers, architects, construction managers, technologists, facilities managers, and software developers, all with construction industry experience. One guiding principle unites us – finding ways to use technology to improve how buildings are designed, engineered, built, and operated. This passion is evident in every project we undertake and is why our clients love working with us. 

As industry thought leaders, we are continually developing ways to integrate technology and BIM principles for better project outcomes. Our team provides strategic advice to building design professionals, contractors, and owners who are looking to replace traditional project delivery methods through technology driven process innovation. We help the building industry identify, implement, and manage the technologies and business practices – such as BIM, digital twins, AI, and big data – that enable optimized designs through improved coordination, enhanced communication, and effective collaboration on even the most challenging projects.


Data-Driven Design Solutions

Using data and integrated digital design to eliminate uncertainties across the entire project lifecycle.

For us, digital solutions are not an optional extra – they are our standard way of working. Buildings are now a rich source of data, and we use that data and our integrated design, management, and construction expertise to build better, faster, and more cost-effectively. We help our clients achieve this by creating a holistic strategy that maximizes the value of their technology and delivers their vision. By harnessing the power of information through technology, data-driven decisions can be made based on facts. Combined with our extensive experience across the entire project lifecycle and our unified digital approach, our clients deliver projects more efficiently and minimize their risk. 

We work with our clients to understand their aims, advising on the right tools to meet their objectives and optimally execute their projects. Using an array of information-based technologies, we help develop new ideas, implement automated workflows, streamline production, and validate performance.  

Digital Fabrication and Construction Solutions

Leveraging technology to mitigate risk, increase certainty, and get assets built.

Cutting-edge digital solutions have the power to make the building process more efficient and less risky. This can be achieved in many different ways – through developing custom building information management strategies, using technology to streamline the project delivery process, or even driving performance improvements by bridging expertise gaps and gaining better business insights. By working closely with our clients to understand their needs and constraints, we can help identify the right solution for their goals. 

We leverage our team’s extensive knowledge of construction and fabrication processes and information tools to identify and manage the risk associated with weak links in the project delivery process. This way, we help clients achieve market-leading performance by automating time-consuming tasks, such as production control, quantity surveying, and trade coordination. Our solutions help clients drive out waste, build in quality, and remove information latency to become better builders. 


Building Operations Solutions

Helping owners and operators maximize their investments with efficient facilities management.

Getting the maximum amount of value from an asset requires effective facilities management – which is achieved with a solid foundation of consistent and high-quality data. To do this, we help owners and operators capitalize on the information already produced by their consultants, or develop new, lightweight building information models for existing facilities. Our well-rounded team of experts has experience across all phases of the building lifecycle, ensuring that the right information is used effectively. 

We also help with deliverable validation and creating a robust plan of work and expectations. Working closely together, we assist owners and operators with defining standards, guidelines, work activities, and product and performance expectations that are clear and will ensure long-term value and usability of the data created. Once in place, data analysis can provide insights that support informed decision-making for efficient facilities management. 

Digital Transformation Solutions

Driving change to derive maximum value from data-centric working practices.

Moving from a document-centric process to a data-centric one often means that there is a considerable technology gap to be bridged for many companies. We help clients address this by making technology a core part of their business strategy for significant quality and productivity improvements. By understanding our clients’ strategic objectives, we create a clear road map that ensures they have the organizational structure, staff, technology, and communication processes in place to meet their goals.

To achieve this, we use a stakeholder engagement process that involves focused workshops to understand the needs of different business groups. This is coupled with technical reviews of existing guidelines and best practices, as well as robust change management processes to embed cultural change. Having worked with a wide range of companies across the building industry, we have the depth of experience needed to help our clients’ digital transformations succeed. 


Software Solutions

Developing customized solutions that blend technology with a passion for building.

The best solutions come from an in-depth understanding of the issues faced and the possible solutions. As an integrated design, construction, and consultancy company operating across the entire building lifecycle, we are in the best position to develop custom solutions when out-of-the-box software cannot deliver. The software tools we make for our clients can be anything from an extension to an existing program to customized platforms that interact through complex web servers and APIs.

Our software development group is made up of designers, user experience specialists, building information specialists, and developers that understand not just how to code, but also how the construction project delivery process works and the issues our clients face. Through workshops and close collaboration, we establish the client’s goals, developing wireframing, visuals, and high-fidelity mock ups. We aim to provide an application as quickly as possible, then analyze and add new functions to the live product. 

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Lorenzo Pirone

Computational Designer
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