We have built a wide network of subcontractors and suppliers

They all play a crucial part in our ability to deliver excellence all around the world.

We are well aware that the outstanding reputation we built over the years goes hand in hand with the quality of the services our suppliers provide.

This is why we work with them as partners, just like we do with our clients: we value building long collaborative relationships based on fairness and respect, we make sure we share the same values, the same attention to every single detail, the same “can do” attitude, and most importantly the same dedication to safe, ethical and fair business practices. Because of the central role that innovation plays in every aspect of our business we regularly analyze, assess and evaluate our existing suppliers and foster new relationships with vendors who lead the way in terms of compliance, quality, capabilities, on-time delivery and long-term sustainability.

How to become a RIMOND Supplier

RIMOND Supply Network:

If you share our values and our way of working speaks to you, if you’re driven by our same vision and by the same commitment to excellence in supplying goods and services to RIMOND, the RIMOND Supply Network is the place to start.
You can easily register by clicking the link below.
The more you tell us about your company, your product, your vision, the better we’ll be able to assess the prospect of a mutually beneficial relationship.

RIMOND Invitation:

Whenever new sourcing opportunities occur, our buyers will look for the suppliers who best matches our needs. If selected, you will be invited to our pre-qualification procedure.


We will send individual registration invites to selected vendors via email. Throughout the whole pre-qualification process we might ask for additional information to ensure your organization meets RIMOND’s criteria.

Become a RIMOND Supplier