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Barbara Pighi

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A good design has the power to inspire, uplift, and make a positive difference in the world.

We help our clients create distinctive, meaningful environments that are a fusion of architecture, landscaping, culture, and community. By combining purpose, passion, and focus, we create works that enliven neighborhoods, build communities, energize people, and respect and protect our planet. 

We help communities withstand the unpredictable with resilient designs. Climate change is only part of the bigger picture. By designing and planning places with this in mind, we help communities weather physical and social upheavals. This approach also provides more holistic protection, supporting improved regeneration and prosperity afterwards.

Looking at projects holistically is how we deliver great designs without compromising the bottom line. As an integrated design, construction, and consultancy company, our practice covers all aspects of the entire project lifecycle, from the initial architectural concepts through to specialist design activities – such as structural engineering or mechanical design – and on-site construction. This enables us to deliver works in a coordinated manner, drawing on a unified set of professional skills to develop unique end-to-end solutions for our projects. Buildability is a key consideration, ensuring less risk and more certainty for clients by reducing costly changes. As a result, schedules, budgets, and quality standards are maintained while ensuring a safe working environment.


Building Design

Our design process is highly participatory, respectful, and achieves the client’s goals.

Through the power of integrated design and architecture, we improve the living experience of the people we design for and create a sense of place that enriches the community we serve. We engage with the design team early, collaborating to find opportunities to optimize the project schedule while ensuring strict adherence to quality standards.

This early integration enables us to predict most issues ahead of time while delivering data-driven solutions through our Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) technologies, which provides significant added value. With this approach, we achieve net-zero buildings that are fit-for-purpose, attractive, and energy efficient.

In addition, our team have detailed knowledge of both planning and local authority processes gained from years of experience and close liaison with statutory bodies. We understand the guidelines on land use, as well as the technical and environmental engineering that is expected for responsible and sustainable design and development. 

Interior Design

Every interior is an opportunity to tell a unique story.

From luxury hotels and residences to offices and hospitals, as well as work, health, and learning environments, our interior design teams create holistic solutions that enrich the experience of anyone interacting with our interiors. We use space, color, materials, and light as tools to create human-centric environments which are multi-dimensional, experiential, and shaped by the people who use them. 

Through our designs, we help create customized environments that reflect who organisations are and what they aspire to be. Instead of creating distinct spaces, we provide opportunities to bring together and blur the lines between work, play, and everyday life. The result is a healthy and uplifting environment that people want to spend time in.


Building Engineering

Our designs are performance driven, maximizing opportunities for energy efficiency.

Driven by a culture of innovation and relentless creativity, our multidisciplinary team engineers high-performance building systems with future generations in mind. They are future-proof, resilient solutions that fully take into account the commercial drivers behind a project while reducing the building’s carbon footprint. In turn, its lifespan is increased for both the owner and the tenant, and waste is minimized during construction and in operational use.

Sustainable solutions guide our high-performance design strategy. Our impact on the environment is always considered, irrespective of the size or scale of the project. Whether planning for severe weather events or measuring the impact of a refurbishment, our design approach is comprehensive and inclusive.

Our experts strive to find strategic solutions that reduce a building’s carbon footprint and overcome challenges. In every design, we look to maximize the opportunities to capture and reuse naturally occurring energy. Whether it is a stadium, skyscraper, hospital, or commercial office, we design adaptable buildings that are easy to construct and more cost-effective to operate.

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Barbara Pighi

Technical Director
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