the cutting edge

Tackling the most challenging, complex, and ambitious landmark projects around the world: this is what drives every single one of us at RIMOND, every day since day one.

We are an integrated design, construction and consultancy company for the full life cycle of the built assets providing unique end-to-end solutions to our clients.

Bringing together the best international and forward-thinking professional teams, we offer deep interdisciplinary expertise across a wide range of sectors. Operating with a distinctive integrated and innovation-centric approach, we support our clients with a unified set of professional skills and competencies that is unmatched in the industry: Integrated Design, Digital Design Technology, Project & Construction Management, Construction, Real Estate Consultancy and Research. It has allowed us to consistently deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes, at every stage of the project from inception to design and from construction to operation, particularly in highly complex designs.

Our Vision

Reimagining the future of built environment through technology

Our aim is to reimagine the future of built environment, creating new standards for the spaces and living experiences future generations deserve, while pursuing our simple, yet ambitious, humanistic vision: becoming our clients’ most reliable global partner and simultaneously stimulate their growth and that of the community in which we operate.

Our Approach

Creating the spaces and living experiences future generation deserve

From transforming heritage building into luxurious hotel in Venice to delivering one of the world’s largest dome at Expo Dubai 2020, we harness our deep subject knowledge and technical excellence combined with pioneering methods and cutting-edge technology to address the challenges of the most iconic & imaginative projects.
Our world-class solutions for every step of the building delivery process – digital twin manufacturing models, creative DFMA approach, and progressive design and build methods – enable us to deliver on time, on budget and to the highest quality standards, while achieving our client’s desired results. We pride ourselves in building trust-based and collaborative relationships with our partners, fostering a resilient can-do attitude.
Our 360-degree integrated approach and our focus on putting innovation and ethical principles at the core of everything we do is what makes RIMOND a unique player in the global AEC industry. This is what made us become a trustworthy partner for the most demanding private clients, architects, and developers, guaranteeing unprecedented levels of construction while meeting today’s demands of delivering higher quality, higher precision, shorter turnaround times, lower costs, and more sustainable growth.

Our Values

Our values and processes are closely related, in a way that you can not separate them.
From early development design to construction and delivery, every part of the process helps RIMOND achieve maximum performance in bringing to life our values:

  • Reliability

    in everything we do.

  • Innovation

    as the driving force that pushes the boundaries of design, engineering and construction.

  • Excellence

    in the results we deliver.

  • Sustainability

    at the core of our holistic approach.

  • Collaboration

    as a way to foster trusted relationships.