Maria Beatrice Placidi Marcantonio

Placidi Marcantonio

How has your career progressed since joining RIMOND?

 “I joined RIMOND six years ago after completing my architecture degree. It was initially an opportunity to develop my BIM capabilities, as RIMOND was one of the first firms in Italy to use the software not only during the design phase but also during construction.

I began my career as a BIM specialist, then became a BIM coordinator for international projects such as Zaha Hadid’s Rabat Theatre or Foster + Partners’ reassembling of the UAE Expo Pavilion in Abu Dhabi. Later, for Auxologico medical center, I was promoted to design coordinator for the design stage, and then to design coordinator on-site for the construction phase in Italy and overseas.

It was a quick and often difficult process, but the thrill of seeing the projects completed, more than compensated the efforts made.

RIMOND provided me with numerous opportunities to grow, and I took advantage of each one.”


What do you enjoy most about your current role at RIMOND?

 “As design coordinator during the construction phase of the projects, I am involved in both site and office operations. My role involves meeting and coordinating between contractors, design team, clients, and suppliers.

Daily site assessments are also essential to ensure that quality is delivered in accordance with the specifications and with a constant focus on timing and cost implications.


The most recent project I’ve worked on is a high-end luxury private mansion in the United Kingdom, which is now one of the top five most costly under construction projects in the world. RIMOND provided me with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see unique designs and bespoke elements that are rarely seen in generic structures.

Working with specialized contractors and well-known architectural firms to deliver high-quality outcomes has enhanced my attention to detail and motivated me to succeed. The most exciting and satisfying aspect of my job is delivering the final product to clients according to their expectations.

To answer the question, the part of the job I enjoy the most is turning ideas into realities, and drawings into tangible structures

Every day brings a new challenge that pushes the boundaries of my technical and cultural knowledge while also shaping who I am and aspire to be, both professionally and personally”.