Lorenzo Pirone

Computational Designer

Why did you decide to join RIMOND?

“I decided to join RIMOND when I understood that it would give me the chance to work on projects of various scales and international relevance and that I could freely choose the most suited method to tackle the challenges they involved. 

This way I could develop my own skillset and provide a bespoke contribution that later resulted to be beneficial to the projects themselves and to our team. In RIMOND the way things are done is never taken for granted: our focus on the process is constant and the fact that our team is made of multidisciplinary people that complement each other always results in a unique different approach”.


Which project you took part in that will always be in your mind? Why?

“Taking part in the Al Wasl Plaza Trellis fabrication was a unique experience: I had the opportunity to be at the heart of the design development and coordination processes throughout the whole construction and built stages. Because of the parametric nature of the project, i was able to fully express myself and offer substantial value to the final product.

We completely restructured the process from scratch, creating a bespoke design validation and coordination environment. The immense satisfaction I felt when I saw the elements being created is difficult to express as it was a direct result of my efforts and expertise.”


What has been your proudest achievement at RIMOND?

«The PC can be thought of as an amplifier of our brain’s mechanical powers, and we must be able to fully utilize it. By far my proudest achievement was being able to automate some of the most time-consuming and tiresome duties (even for my colleagues) so that we could focus on what really matters. The baseline geometry of the Al Wasl Plaza Trellis Steelwork, for example, was fully redesigned by a parametric script that tried tens of thousands of alternative configurations before settling on the one that was manufactured a few months later.”