Mattia Bravin


How did you get into what you do?

“Since I joined RIMOND in 2014, I had the opportunity to be involved in many projects, in Italy and abroad; I joined the design process of important buildings across a variety of sectors: World Expo, Arts& Culture, Residential, Hospitality, Commercial and Healthcare.
In 2015, I began my career in healthcare design as a junior architect, where I was responsible for understanding and following the work of the healthcare consultant and coordinating his efforts with the design team.
This opportunity helped me understand the complexity of healthcare projects and the importance of a good coordination process between all the different disciplines involved.
In 2019, I completed a hospital design specialization course at the Polytechnic University of Milan and began collaborating with various stakeholders in the healthcare industry.
Healthcare design is the most difficult and challenging design process in terms of stakeholders, functions, and final outcome.
I am currently a Senior Architect and Design Manager at RIMOND, where i am in charge of Healthcare projects”.

What has been your proudest achievement at RIMOND?

“During the first wave of the COVID epidemic in early 2020, I was requested to participate in the reorganization of San Luca hospital in Milan as a healthcare consultant.
It all started with a strategic plan to figure out how to restructure the current wards in order to better deal with the pandemic.
In collaboration with the client (general, medical, and technical direction), we decided to completely renovate four floors of the current hospital, increase medical services, and renovate the emergency wards
Over the following 8 months we designed and built the following hospital areas: Emergency ward, Intensive care unit, changing rooms, blood test area and a new public area.
To respond quickly to the pandemic waves, we needed to bring the entire design team to the site and collaborate with the construction partners.
The “design and build” approach used for this project was the most effective way to face the spreading of the infection.
RIMOND delivered the new areas of the hospital in December 2020, exactly on time; these areas became the heart of the medical activity during the following months, since they had to deal with the next COVID waves.”