Gender Equality Certification (UNI PdR 125)

RIMOND ICD on the Path to Gender Equality Certification (UNI PdR 125)
Dear Clients, Partners, and Stakeholders,

We are pleased to inform you that RIMOND ICD has embarked on the journey to obtain the gender equality certification according to UNI PdR 125. This significant step reflects our commitment to promoting a fair and inclusive work environment where every individual has equal opportunities for professional growth and development. This certification evaluates various aspects, including:

• Gender Balance: We promote balanced representation of men and women at all corporate levels.
• Equal Opportunities: We ensure that all employees have equal access to positions, training, and professional development.
• Fair Compensation: We guarantee that compensation is based on skills and responsibilities, regardless of gender.
• Work-Life Balance: We support policies and practices that favor a balance between professional and personal life for all our collaborators.

We firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are fundamental pillars for the innovation and sustainable growth of our company. The UNI PdR 125 certification is not just a milestone but a continuous commitment towards improving and implementing business practices that value every individual.