Unlocking the Digitally Verified Method Statements and Visual Task Sheets to Improve Safety on Site

Working on one-of-a-kind projects like Al Was Plaza Trellis enabled us to offer a new and innovative Health and Safety practices, which have received awards from the UK HSE Council and Expo Dubai 2020.

Al Wasl Plaza Trellis required the delivery of a very complex, large steel dome structure, that was required to be built over a tunnel structure and 5 on-going surrounding construction sites of high-rise buildings with façades leaning over the dome.

The methodology of steel erection included assembly of 1,162 preassembled structural sections aligned and welded to each other at height, and heavy lifting of the 830 tons crown piece of the dome 45 meters above the ground using 18 strand jacks.

Al Wasl Plaza construction site during the assembly of ring 2 before heavy lifting operation


To realize such complex methodology safely, we developed digitally verified method statements and visual task sheets with the help of 4D BIM models, that have demonstrated a great success in safety on site.

The work procedures were explained step-by-step, in different languages, to workers at toolbox talks. The visual task sheets containing visuals from 4D BIM model and actual site pictures gave faster results in terms of comprehensibility by the workers and a significant improvement in productivity.

Peter Gad, our Health and Safety Manager in UAE, emphasized that the direct involve-ment of H&S personnel in the development of overall construction methodology from the beginning helped to identify project hazards, reduce risks, and getting it right first time.

Our efforts were commended by Expo 2020, and we achieved recognition by UK HSE Council for our innovations in H&S and awarded at the Expo 2020 Better Together event for best Health & Safety Initiative.

As part of our incident-free vision, it is our commitment to create safe workplaces that promote health and well-being to improve our performance and to take pride in everyone going home safe and well. We continue to push boundaries of health and safety through innovation to achieve this vision.